Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Starting Sequels

Originally 'Lost Glory' was a stand alone book. It was all going to be wrapped up in one self contained plot and I would be able to walk away from it all, knowing that I'd accomplished what I had wanted and finished a book. 

But then I got attached...

The trap of being an avid reader as well as a writer is that I fell so much in love with my main characters and the world I was sewing together that I realised about three quarters of the way through that the story couldn't all be solved on one book. There were too many loose threads to create a meaningful denouement at the end.  I've always been rather cynical of trilogies with some writers. I get the distinct impression that some sequels are written entirely out of selfish monetary based motivations, rather than engagement with the characters. Clearly this isn't the case with 'Lost Glory'. It currently had nearly 900 blog views (impressive) but I haven't made a single penny. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that writer is consuming much of my life. Dodgy sleep patterns, lack of appetite for food, and insane mood changes to list a few of the delights of the reality of writing. So here goes: 

I need to write 'Glory Regained' (working title) for the following reasons:
1. For my own sanity
2. Because of the way 'Lost Glory
' ends
3. To continue developing and enhancing the layers of what I've created 
4. So you guys can read it and love it the way I do.
5. So I have an excuse to discover lots of new music to put on my writing playlist.

So where do you start writing a sequel?
So far, it hasn't been at the beginning. I've started with a scene, a new character (if you've read 'Siren Call' you've met him...) and some loose ideas about how I want to use them. The idea came about in a discussion with a friend. I was instantly attracted to the influence of Greek mythology, a hark back to days at Uni studying 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey' and the focus on music (my second love after writing). After piecing together the background to my new male character and reacquainting myself with Faye and where she finds herself post 'Lost Glory', it was surprising how easy my brain found it to start writing again. Like an outpouring, the moment I start, I find it incredibly difficult to stop! 

 So 'Glory Regained', I know the overall story arc for my main characters and how they will continue to evolve and change on their journey through the novel. I know how I want the book to feel. That's the easy part!

Writing wise, I want my words to feel more confident this time. My description needs to be sharper, my dialogue more crisp and my vocabulary needs more originality. If I can nail these things and move this story on so it is more than a standard YA Paranormal a romance, I think 'Glory Regained' stands a chance of being the sequel it needs to be.

Will keep you updated with more news about agents and writing as and when I can.

Stace x

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  1. With every book, you'll become better.
    Sometimes sequels are obvious or necessary. I never intended more than one book, so writing two sequels was interesting.