Monday, 8 April 2013


Despite my urge to write, write and write despite myself, I have realised with only a week left of my Easter Holidays, I must revert back to my teacher self and actually mark some of my pupils' work.

Luckily for me, it is a pile of Creative Writing based on the techniques used by Marcus Zusak in 'The Book Thief'. There is something beautiful and effortless about the way 'TBT' has been written. Zusak's use of narrative voice and colour is extraordinary. He creates a world so real, and yet so unlike anything I have ever experienced. His characters are so familiar and wonderful to read about. Even the character of 'Death' manages to be likable, despite his role in the novel. In truth I cannot gush enough about it.

So yes, I am having to put the impulse to write on hold today to mark. But it is okay... If I get half a pile done, I can write for an hour... The little promises we make ourselves to help us balance the things we have to do and the things we want to do.

I also, of course, have to make sure I have put all kinds of 'work' away before 'Game of Thrones' at 9. Words cannot express how much I'm in love with that show. Winter is coming!

Thanks so much for the numbers of you who have read my extract and followed me on Twitter as a result/Liked my Facebook page. Your support is really invaluable and keeps me writing.

Once I hit 30 likes on Twitter/Facebook, I will introduce you to one of my characters.

Thanks for reading,
Stace x

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